Brian Wilson – Director

Brian Wilson is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. His background is in Sociology (Ph.D. at McMaster University, Department of Sociology), Communications (SSHRC postdoctoral fellow, Simon Fraser University, School of Communication), and Kinesiology (MA at the University of British Columbia and BPE at McMaster University). His main interests revolve around issues related to sport, the environment, peace and media. His most recent research includes studies on: environmental issues and sport — focusing especially on how stakeholders in the golf industry and mega-event organizers respond to environmental concerns; the role of sport in peace-building and development — including studies on the role of bicycles in development efforts and research on the role of elite Kenyan runners in peace promotion efforts following Kenya’s post-election violence in 2007-2008, and; how sport-related social and environmental issues are covered in the media — and the potential for more pro-social and pro-environment sport journalism. Brian’s work on these topics is contained in two recent books he’s authored: The Greening of Golf: Sport, Globalization and the Environment (2016, Manchester University Press — with Brad Millington) and Sport & Peace: A Sociological Perspective (2012, Oxford University Press). His research webpage can be found at: http://blogs.ubc.ca/sportenvironmentpeacemedia/.

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Robert Boushel – Leadership Team

Dr. Boushel is Professor and Director of the School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. His research covers broad areas of exercise physiology including regulation of the circulation, the oxygen cascade during exercise in diverse environments, and the adaptive response to various forms of training.






Andrea Bundon

Andrea Bundon – Leadership Team

Dr. Bundon’s research spans the sociology of sport and critical disabilities studies.Working from a community-based, participatory research frameworks, she focuses on the societal impacts and legacies of sport programs and events. Her past work has investigated if and how the Paralympic Games ‘inspire’ young people with disabilities to engage in sport and the experiences of para-athletes after exiting high performance sport. Currently, Dr. Bundon is working with viaSport BC to understand how the BC sport sector can be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

 Moss Norman – Leadership Team

Moss uses a socio-cultural approach in the study of youth, gender (masculinity, in particular), health, and physical culture. He has done extensive research using critical and feminist theories to examine how differently situated people take up and experience health messaging related to body weight, shape and size within the context of the “obesity epidemic”. Recently, his research has shifted into the area of Indigenous masculinities. With this line of inquiry Moss is learning about Indigenous worldviews and he is increasingly incorporating Indigenous methodologies into his research. He also maintains secondary but active research interests in rurality and recreation. Moss is currently the principal investigator on a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) funded project that uses a community-based research design to explore Indigenous masculinities and physical cultures in Fisher River Cree Nation (Manitoba).


Jesse Couture – Research and Information Assistant

Currently a Ph.D. student in the School of Kinesiology at UBC, Jesse completed his BA (Social Sciences, 2013) and MA (Kinesiology, 2015) at the University of Lethbridge. His current research interests include running culture(s), communities of sport, and the role and influence of technology in/and physical activity. Specifically, he is interested in learning about the ways that individuals experience and make sense of their physical activity practices in physical and digital sporting communities. In addition to his dissertation work, Jesse has been involved with a SSHRC-funded collaborative project (UBC, York University, & The University of Bath), entitled ‘Cycling Against Poverty: Researching a Sport for Development Movement’, which explores various facets of the global bicycle-focused development movement, including the role of the bicycle in social and economic development in disadvantaged communities.

Matt Dolf – Advisor

Matt completed a PhD in the School of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, conducting research on the environmental performance of sport events using Life Cycle Assessment methods. He is also the Wellbeing Initiative Director at UBC, a newly emerging endeavour focused on the development of UBC as a “wellbeing promoting” university, bringing together the health and sustainability sectors. He was formerly the Director, Special Olympics Initiatives for the  Office of the Vice President, Students – overseeing the UBC hosting and sustainability planning for the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games. Matt has led research work in the fields of Event Management and Sustainability and co-authored the AISTS/VANOC Sustainable Sport and Event Toolkit (SSET). He advises  sport organizations and events on sustainability and sits on the authoring committee of the new Canadian Z2010 Standard on Sustainable Event Management.