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OGI Reports

OGI Post-Games Report
OGI Games-Time Report
OGI Pre-Games Results Report
OGI Pre-Games Technical Report
OGI Baseline Report

Press Releases

OGI – UBC Games-Time Report (Oct. 25, 2011)
OGI – UBC Pre-Games Report (Dec. 1, 2009)
USA Today

Canadian Press


New York Times

Associated Press

CanWest Global


Resources Used in this Study

Statistics Canada

Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver Community Network

Metro Vancouver

City of Vancouver

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Competition Policy Review Panel

BC Stats

Index Mundi

General Olympic Games Related Links

Official 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Website
International Olympic Committee

Canadian Olympic Committee

U.S. Olympic Committee

Tourism Vancouer 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games Page

UBC 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Secretariat

Vancouver Sun 2010 Winter Games Portal

Olympic Games Impacts and Sustainability Related Links

Researchers study Olympic Games Impact
UBC Researchers to Study Impact of Vancouver 2010 Winter Games

Boffins assist VANOC

UBC 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Secreteriat

Vancouver 2010 Preliminary Impact Assesment Overview

Canadians Sour on Olympic Benefits

The Sustainable Sport and Event Toolkit

Omero Olympics Research Torino

PWC Olympic Games Impact Study London Final Report 2005

Olympic Review: Olympics Games Global Impact

Olympic Games Impact Study Baseline Report

2010 Commerce Centre

2010 Legacies Now

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