Event Travel Carbon Estimator Tool

On this page you will find information about an ‘Event Travel Carbon Estimator Tool’, created by Dr. Matt Dolf. The tool is calibrated to assess travel emissions specifically. This is posted here for educational purposes — as a way for teachers and students to explore how tools like this one can be used for estimating carbon emissions related to sport events or other activities. This is to be used for educational purposes only — as the values used in this particular tool are not as ‘up to date’ as would be preferred if one were to use this for estimating carbon emissions in the current moment. Having said this, the tool can be of immense value for education if accompanied by reflection on and discussion about the ‘pros and cons’ of such tools — i.e. when they can be of great value, and how the output of such tools can be misused too.

UBC’s Centre for Sport & Sustainability hosted an event that featured a presentation of this tool by Dr. Matt Dolf, accompanied by a panel discussion about the tool and about the sustainability of sport events more generally. We would recommend viewing Dr. Dolf’s talk and the rich discussion that followed, as a companion to experimenting with this tool.

Here is the tool, embedded for your use. You can choose whether your calculations appear in kilograms or tonnes. Click the bottom right corner to see the full size workbook. You can also download the tool by clicking the appropriate icon on the bottom right.

Units in kg:

Unites in tonnes: 

Dr. Matt Dolf, Director, UBC Wellbeing — and Creator of Event Travel Carbon Estimator Tool

Matt has long been a passionate researcher and advocate of deepening our understanding of sport as a vehicle for positive change. He is co-creator of the Sport & Sustainability Event Toolkit; this was the first sustainability management guidance document for sports events and has been used by the International Olympic Committee and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.