Student Projects


The following projects were student-led and tied to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games:

Planat in Action: Accessibility Assessment of UBC Competition and Accommodation Venues for the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games

Economic Impact of the 2014 Special Olympics Summer Games on the BC Economy

Sustainable Tap Water Solutions

Promoting Human Well-being

Sustainable Food Procurement

Sustainable Food Materials and Waste Procedures

The projects were supported by the following units at UBC:

  • UBC Athletics & Recreation
  • UBC Student Housing & Hospitality Services
  • UBC Food Services
  • UBC Conferences & Accommodations
  • UBC Campus & Community Planning
  • UBC Building Operations
  • UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate
  • UBC Centre for Sport and Sustainability
  • UBC Kinesiology

Many of these projects were also supported by UBC SEEDS and CBEL programs.

UBC’s SEEDS (Social Ecological Economic Development Studies) Program provides students with real-world sustainability experience, skills and knowledge while they earn course-based credit. Students work collaboratively with faculty and staff to develop and implement projects that build on the theme of campus as a living laboratory to address campus sustainability challenges, many of which have been implemented or influenced decision making.

Community-based experiential learning (CBEL) encompasses a number of community-based pedagogical practices and a guiding principle that provides students with opportunities to apply their academic knowledge to real-world issues.