Think Tank 1: Sport Mega-Events, Sustainability & Impact Assessment

February 18, 2010

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The Think Tank enabled leading experts in the fields of event management, sustainability, and indicator analysis to critically discuss practices in analysing sport event sustainability, impacts and legacies. Seven panelists were invited to make brief presentations to thirty delegates from university, government and NGOs on the following topics:

  • Issues and alternatives in indicator-based impact assessment;
  • The use of sustainability indicators in securing future Olympic bids;
  • The limits of mega-event sustainability; and
  • Creating a precedent of mega-event sustainability.


The Think Tank aimed to consider the development of global standards for assessing impacts and measuring sport event sustainability. It’s main goals were to:

  1. Assemble an international team of experts in the area of Sports Mega-Events and Sustainability, to
  2. Critically review current analytical frameworks for assessing impacts, and
  3. Provide a set of working guidelines for
    a) establishing global standards in event-related indicator research and impact assessment,
    b) linking indicators to policy, and
    c) insuring the continued evolution of event impact research.

Summary Report – click here to download