CSS Launches Internship Program

Jenn Bruce and Christian Beaudrie – CSS sustainability interns with UBC Athletics & Recreation

The Centre is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘CSS Internship’ program. The goal is to place motivated students with organizations seeking to use sport as a vehicle to advance sustainability initiatives in their community.

The program is being kicked off with UBC Athletics & Recreation. This fall UBC A&R took on two grad students: Jenn Bruce, a Masters student in Kinesiology from University of Windsor and Christian Beaudrie, a PhD candidate enrolled in the UBC Institute of Resources, Environment, and Sustainability. Jenn and Christian are tasked with integrating new data tracking and life cycle assessment procedures into A&R’s administration as well as developing new behaviour change strategies for staff and spectators and several facilities improvement projects. As a result, UBC Athletics will be the first Athletics department in North America to integrate life cycle management into their operations. UBC Athletics launched these internships in partnership with the CSS to help achieve their goal of becoming the leading Athletics program in North America on sustainability. According to Kavie Toor, Associate Director of Facilities and Business Development at UBC A&R, “We are extremely pleased to work with the UBC Centre for Sport and Sustainability to bring in bright and motivated grad students who want to apply their research interests in sustainability to a real world application.”

According to Professor Robert Sparks, the Director of the Centre and the School of Kinesiology, “The Centre is pleased to be working with organizations such as the ViaSport, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and UBC Athletics & Recreation to offer exciting academic outreach opportunities for students at UBC. Our approach is to leverage the leading sustainability-related research and instruction at UBC with opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and help our community partners achieve their goals of social and environmental responsibility. The CSS program sits very well with the City of Vancouver’s goal to become the Greenest City in the World by 2020.”

Students seeking internship positions or organizations wishing to offer opportunities can visit our CSS Internship page for more information.