Andrea Bundon awarded Silver Medal in the poster competition at VISTA

In late September 2017, Dr. Andrea Bundon received the silver medal in the poster competition at the VISTA conference in Toronto.

Bundon explains, “The PRISM (Para-athlete Retirement: Insights, Support, Management) project has been really rewarding. The research produced some really novel insights and will make a unique contribution to the literature on Paralympic sport. More importantly, the EIS’ Performance Lifestyle advisors has already been able to act on our findings in ways that have real impacts for the para-athletes they work with. Developing a deeper understanding of how and why para-athletes exit high performance sport is enabling practitioners to ensure that the right processes are in place to support para-athletes during these transitions. It was also really exciting to be able to share PRISM with the broader Paralympic community at the IPC’s VISTA conference in Toronto. I received lots of feedback from delegates that supporting retiring para-athletes or para-athletes forced from sport due to issues pertaining to classification was also on their radar – they were interested in our research and eager to understand how it could be applied in their own nations”.

The poster was awarded the silver medal, recognizing the importance in this area of research and applicability of the findings.