Visit the Sport and Sustainability Research and Education Media Resource!

Interested in media and educational resources related to sport and sustainability? Visit the Sport and Sustainability Research and Education Media Resource!  This new Resource is designed to be the primary knowledge mobilization hub for UBC’s Centre for Sport and Sustainability. Contents of the Resource were contributed mostly by members of a CSS-affiliated group called the ‘Mobilizing Sport & Sustainability Collective’. Members of the Collective can be found under the ‘About Us’ section of this website, here.

The Resource was supported through a ‘Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters’ (GCRC) grant, funded by the offices of UBC’s Vice-President (Research & Innovation) and the Provost & Vice-President (Academic). The GCRC-enabled cluster, called the Mobilizing Sport & Sustainability Collective, was assembled to support research and knowledge mobilization activities associated with the CSS.

The rationale for developing this website and the materials it contains – and the aims of the Mobilizing Sport & Sustainability Collective more broadly – are as follows:

Sport-related social and environmental problems sometimes ‘fly under the radar’ because of the unique contexts that sport presents. Sport also has unique potential for addressing these same problems. The Mobilizing Sport & Sustainability Collective, in association with UBC’s Centre for Sport and Sustainability (CSS), aims to:

1. Raise awareness about problems within and around sport that are sometimes unacknowledged, and feature existing research that is concerned with these problems,

2. Highlight and explore the unique potential of sport for addressing social and environmental issues, and

3. Foster dialogue concerning the potential of, problems with, and misuses of the notion of ‘sustainability’ in and around sport.

In pursuit of the overarching aim of mobilizing knowledge about pressing issues related to sport and sustainability, activities of the Collective are oriented around the development of original, strategic and engaging communication materials for a Sport and Sustainability Research and Education Media Resource.