Matt Dolf Hired by the CSS

The Centre for Sport and Sustainability (CSS) is pleased to announce that Matt Dolf has joined the leadership team.

Matt brings a wealth of experience to the Centre. He is currently a joint PhD candidate for UBC and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). His research focuses on developing new frameworks to help sport events measure their environmental impacts and embed this in sustainability management planning. Prior to starting his PhD, Matt worked at the International Academy of Sports Science & Technology (AISTS) as its Assistant Director – Research & Project Manager. At AISTS he led the development of their Centre of expertise on Sport and Sustainability and, in partnership with VANOC, co-authored the Sustainable Sport & Event Toolkit (SSET). He has overseen numerous sustainability projects for sports organizations including the France Ryder Cup 2018 winning bid, the International Mountaineering Federation and the SportAccord International Convention among others. He also sits as a member of the authoring committee of the new Canadian Standards Association – Z2010 Sustainability Management of Events.

The CSS is currently led by Bob Sparks – Director of the School of Kinesiology – an Advisory Board and an Academic Steering Commitee. The Centre for Sport and Sustainability is intended to serve as a global resource to capture and transfer knowledge on how sport can help advance sustainable benefits including economic and social development, urban renewal, cultural identity, and ecological and community well-being.