Two new articles out on bicycling and homelessness

Two new articles on homelessness and bicycling by CSS Research and Information Coordinator Jeanette Steinmann and CSS Director Dr. Brian Wilson — articles based on Jeanette’s MA research — have been published in the journals Mobilities and Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health.

Different Spokes for Different Folks: experiences with cycling and the bicycle from the perspective of variably-housed cyclists in Vancouver can be found here. This article focuses on what cycling means to variably-housed people who ride bicycles in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, and how these meanings align (or do not align) with common depictions of cycling and cyclists in existing research and policy. 

The underground bicycle economy: an exploration of social supports and economic resources that Vancouver’s homeless and variably-housed cyclists utilize can be found here.  This article explores the social support and informal and formal resources that homeless and variably-housed cyclists use in Vancouver.

Additionally, three news articles were published related to these articles.

Streetsblog USA published an article titled How to Design Better Cities for ‘Unseen’ Cyclists.

The Tyee published an article titled Welcome to Vancouver’s Underground Bicycle Economy.

The Vancouver Sun and Province published an article titled Underground bicycle economy helps shape lives for recyclers in Downtown Eastside.